ALMET Marine owns a very powerful plasma cutting machine which is totally dedicated to production of aluminium boat kits. This machine has a precise and apparent marking system (permanent marker) that does not alter the aluminium sheet surface. This process allows to mark water lines, alignments of the pieces and all references required for assembly and welding. 

The cutting of the pieces is done under water to restrict heat affected zones and therefore the metal stress relieving. This technology guarantees very precise tolerances on very large and big cut pieces.

Each piece (reference) is individually identified either manually or, in most cases, with a label system indicating the alloy, the name of the piece, cast number of the aluminium sheet (traceability of the metal), name of the project, and/or any other information allowing to sort the parts when several but same boats are cut at the same time.

Traceability of the metal is complete and ensures compliance of our cutting with the requirements of our customers and of main classification societies such as BV, LR, DNV, ABS …