Underwater submerged plasma cutting :

Plasma technology allows to cut all conductive materials, including aluminiums and stainless steels that are incompatible with cutting with oxyacetylene torch. Plasma jet is obtained by the combined effect of a continuous contracted arc and a gas. As for a molecular sawing, the metal to be cut melts and is driven out of the ditch under the thermic and dynamic effects of the ionized(*) gas stream.

The gas for plasma is chosen according to the way of cutting. Our machine uses nitrogen which has a high transfer rate of energy and a more important kinetic action, compared to other gases. This leads to a fast cutting without any oxide or slags on the cut pieces.

The injection of water in a vortex form has for first goal to reduce the plasma jet by constriction and to increase its energy: some of this water is vaporized and dissociated; this results in an outstanding increase of the temperature and the speed of the plasma jet. Therefore, the efficiency of the cutting is highly increased.

The second effect is the possibility to cut under water (submerged plates) to cool down the metal and to absorb noise pollution:

– slight distortion of the plates during cutting process,

– slight affected thermic cutting area,

– slight sound level,

– absorption of the UV radiation,

– absorption of smokes.

The combination of water and nitrogen makes this type of plasma the best tool for aluminium and stainless steel cutting.

* the ionization is the fact of tearing out one or several electrons from the electronic structure of the atom transforming it into an ion.