ALMET Marine Partner

Almet is a member of Neopolia Marine Solutions. Neopolia Marine Solutions is located at the heart of the Loire Estuary in an historic naval construction area. It is a multi-disciplinary business network bringing solutions to complex projects within timeframe and quality expectations. Neopolia Marine Solutions has an Environment Sustainable Design approach to shipbuilding and creates synergies between various-sized businesses that offer innovative visions and perspectives.

Almet Marine works in close cooperation with Mr. Christian Vargel for any technical issues on aluminium applications, resistance to corrosion and construction design

Christian Vargel Expert and consultant on the corrosion of aluminium Author of “Corrosion de l’Aluminium”, Dunod 1999 Available in english : “Corrosion of Aluminium”, Elsevier 2004 Members of the Experts Company of the ICC French Committee. Expert to the Implementation Commission of the Construction Insurance Regulation Convention (CACRAC)