ALMET Marine’s Kit Offer

Under the name of “aluminium building kits”, we offer all range of products and services useful to our customers, in addition to the sale of standard products:

1- 2D cutting of pieces for forming and welding (underwater plasma cutting). 2- Marking with a permanent pen on the pieces to reference bending lines, and any other details needed for alignment when assembling. 3- 3D pre-forming of aluminium cut pieces. 4- 2D water jet cutting to finish machined pieces, and 5D machining according to designs of aluminium blocks such as chain plates … 5- The cutting and bending of thick pipes (mainly to manufacture elbows for piping).

ALMET Marine keeps on developing the technology of underwater plasma cutting aluminium plates in order to make of it the best compromise for the shipbuilding industry. We are also working on new parnterships regarding forming of the plates with ongoing developments towards new technologies.

Different names of aluminium pieces that are cut by underwater plasma, formed and machined :

Aluminium boats have a many different kind of pieces that can be cut by ALMET Marine such as:

Beam, Beams, Bilge, Bilges, Bottom Boards, Bow, Bows, Bulkhead, Bulkheads, Bulwark, Bulwarks,

Chain plate, Chain plates, Chine, Chines, Cleat, Cleats, Cockpit, Cockpits,

Daggerboard, Daggerboards, Deck, Decks,

Floor Timber, Floor Timbers, Frame, Frames,

Garboard, Garboards,

Hatch, Hatchs, Heel of mast, Heels of masts, Helm, Helms, Hull, Hulls,

Keel, Keels, Keelson, Keelsons,

Planking, Plankings,

Rail, Rails, Rib, Ribs, Rudder, Rudders,

Sheer, Sheers, Skin, Skins, Stern, Sterns, Sternpost, Sternposts, Strake, Strakes, Superstructure, Superstructures,

Transom, Transoms,

Wabstring, Wabstrings, Waterline, Waterlines …