We thank STX ST Nazaire shipyard  for inviting Almet Marine to visit the MSC PRECIOZA liner beginning of March  2013, before its departure.

The leaving of a liner is a major event for the region, the MSC Préziosa shows awesome characteristics : – 333 meters long and 38 meters width – 138 000 tons – 1751 cabins – a crew of 1370 to welcome more than 4300 passengers

Even if, comparing to steel, aluminium is little-used on a boat of this size, it is regularly found in the higher parts of the boat like radar masts and also as a part of some structures. The use of aluminium is required when some weight should be saved.

However, the use of  stainless steel is omnipresent inside the liner. Stainless steel comes in every shapes and finishings,  mirror-polished, brushed-polished, engraved, coloured, hammered, with treads…It can be cut or formed sheets,  profiles…

For the viewing pleasure!

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