“ESPRIT”, boat-restaurant on the Garonne

Mr BOUAZZOUNI, current owner of the restaurant “La Maison du Fleuve” in Camblanes-et-Meynac (33), ( has launched the building of a boat-restaurant welcoming a dozen of guests for meal-cruises on the Garonne.
This aluminium unit of 15.70 x 4.50 meters, designed by the architect Vincent DUCHATELET, combined modernity with colonial inspiration.
Its straight bow, flowing lines and 360°-view wide openings, match perfectly with inside vaults and outside mahogany inserts.
The “trompe l’oeil” chimney and the chosen colors strengthen the neo-retro design of this project.
The 5083 H111 boiler making, of about 3 tons, is achieved by Heelynoa LAJIKULA.
5mm thickness is used for walls, frames and the deck. The hull is made of 6mm thickness plates and the bottom of the keel in 12mm. The “T” profiles allow stiffening of the structure. Powered by 2 engines of 250 horsepower, “ESPRIT”, will reach the speed of 20 knots.

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